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 Solar Irrigation Pump Systems
 Solar Powered BTS
 Solar Energy for School & Community Health Center
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 Solar PV Power Plant

Engineering Division & Services:

The engineering division of BAES as a specializes division dedicated to engineering consulting in traditional and environmental energy. In the energy sector BAES works to optimize and increase the efficiency of all processes related and type of energy and power generation system, offering a wide range of solutions in order to implement these improvements in a more rational and efficient use of energy. For the environmental point of view, BAES analyzes different implementations that it can be developed to enhance the effect of helping corporate sustainability, thus, seduce the polluting effects and better manage of resources. To that, the company has the expertise of professionals trained in these activities to assess and perform all work necessary to be implemented: customer premises, proposals for engineering and consulting necessary for the improvement of management systems as well solutions and their follow-up and later control. The range of services we offer are bases on the analysis of the current situation of the company/project through proper energy audit with a special emphasis on energy and environmental sinks; the proposal of appropriate solutions to reduce the effect of themselves and engineering and management solutions for any implementation. After implementing those solutions. BAES will them, focusing the attention of consumption, usage, billing and contracting. That why we know that confidence in our company can be one of your best allies to ensure that the implementation of creative energy solutions will lead to the achievement of energy saving, environmental friendliness and sustainability with current available tools and then continuous monitoring teaching; developments that always out to serve our customer.

Energy Auditing

The energy audits is an interesting way to increase the penetration of energy efficiency in enterprise, so the knowledge of their existing energy situation it is crucial to identify Energy savings opportunities, optimize economics, and analyzing the technical feasibility implementing economic measures.Energy auditing helps to detect operations within the internal process, audit can contribute to save and increase efficiency of primary energy use optimizing the energy demand of the installation. The potential saving in energy of a company/building is normally among 5 and 30% while the associated cost saving can exceed these ratios.

Fed, Based Engineering

The implementation of energy Solutions and improvements should be performed taking into account the calculations required for their design. compliance with current legislation, optimization of equipment and facilities and implementing the most appropriate actions to minimize interference and enhance the interrelationship of the processes. To this end, we start Basic engineering & FED for the definition of the necessary equipment, better implementation and better match of the client needs and detailed engineering for looking at the disciplines required for the optimization of processes, the optimal determination of the facilities and contemplation of the strictest in order to obtain the necessary permits. We also perform services related to engineering and purchasing Management, Project Management, planning and Project control and quality Management, safety and the environment, BAES can work in any service form, including turnkey execution.

Valuation, Consulting & Advice

BAES offers technical advance on design, implementation, operation and maintenance of facilities and it develops the necessary procedures to legalize them with the appropriate authorities. Once it is performed those necessary tests to determine the condition of facilities, variable control and evaluation, it is the most appropriate moment to make decision and calculations optimizing the facilities and installations of our customers. At the same time, it is carried out the necessary Experts to Establish the state of the state of the system and issued the necessary opinions. This is done either at the request of the parties, as it is established by a court for testing facilities.

Training, Coaching, Outsourcing

BAES provides services to both public and private organizations for training and coaching internal and external employees, in those areas where strengthening is needed base do experience and knowledge. BAES contributes in training course planning, necessary to obtain the appropriate skills, developing training plans and establishing the evaluation of them.
The proper completion of the client core Business makes it necessary to carry out a series of processes that controls internal costs leveraging the results fan excessive way. The most efficient way to Outsourced those services improving the performance of the Power core Business, while minimizing the impact change in Business performance.